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It’s often been remarked that a picture is worth a thousand words. But is that really the case? A great amount of information can be conveyed in a thousand words of text, detailed contextual information that may be difficult to transmit through an image.

Then again, some images can convey infinitely more meaning than a thousand words could. Images also convey their meaning instantaneously, lending them a different kind of power to words, an immediacy that captures your attention straight away.

It’s outside the remit of this blog to debate age old sayings, but I think we could safely conclude that images and words work in different ways and can be used effectively in different circumstances. Perhaps they work best when used in tandem.

Have you ever clicked through a link to a blog post or article which was a dense mass of text? Daunting, isn’t it. Written information is consumed most easily when broken into short, easily ingestible paragraphs. A great way to space out the text is to use images, and we are of course all familiar with the use of hero images in web content, large banner images which sum up the theme of the written content and ease the reader into it visually before they begin the task of reading.

Whether it’s a blog post, a landing page, an online news article, all online written content looks much more presentable and professional when created with images alongside the writing. And the better the quality and relevance of the images used, the better impression is created on the reader, lending your website or blog an air of competence and professionalism.

If one of your hobbies is photography you may already have a head start. But it isn’t always possible or convenient to take our own images for articles, blog posts and other web content. More often than not you will need to source stock images.

When the notion of professional quality stock photography enters your mind, one of the first things you will probably be considering is how much it will cost. If this is the case, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn about website such as Pixabay. An online image bank boasting over 1,120,000 free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations, Pixabay is a web content creator’s dream come true.

We’ve seen free image sites before where the quantity and quality of images can be a little bit questionable. Not that we’ve complained in the past; we’d just assumed that to access a vaster collection of professional photographs would incur a cost. This is what makes Pixabay such a revelation – it’s completely free! Simply set up an account and you are at liberty use any photographic or illustrated content from the site, without the need to seek permission. All images on Pixabay are subject to the Creative Commons license which makes it possible to use them in even a commercial context.

Image banks such as Pixabay make it remarkably easy to make your website stand out. You could be a web designer seeking the perfect background image for a parallax design or an attention-grabbing banner for a hero image. Or maybe you’re a blogger looking for a specific image to illustrate the theme of a niche blog post. Whatever it is you seek, Pixabay’s extensive bank of high quality images is sure to have something to make your content stand out.

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  1. I love Pixabay. It’s my go-to site for any images I need that I just can’t produce myself. I’ve tried other free image sources but they never seem to have the quality or quantity of Pixabay.

    What makes them great is that you can download the images in different sizes which helps keep your pages loading faster; I always opt for the smallest possible image without it impacting the look.

    Another thumbs up here and a great post.

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