Kaspersky Lab Cybersecurity

Kaspersky is a name you are probably already familiar with. The world-renowned, multi-award winning brand is currently responsible for providing over 400 million people and over 270 thousand corporations with reliable and innovative cybersecurity solutions. Rigorously tested to ensure they are fully up to date and ready to face the latest online security hazards, Kaspersky’s products offer you complete peace of mind, whether you are an individual looking to maintain your privacy and safety whilst using the Internet or a company seeking a way to protect data, systems and processes.

For the individual user, Kaspersky offer a multitude of different packages across all platforms, whether it be mobile, tablet PC or Mac. Their website even has a handy interactive questionnaire which enables you to find the right package specifically for your device and your needs. If you have multiple devices for which you would like to seek protection, you’ll be glad to learn that discounts are available when you buy a package which covers more than one device. You can also decide how long you want your package to last – if you opt for two years rather than one it does work out better value for money.

If you’re a business owner looking to for protection against threats such as data loss, online attacks and ransomware, Kaspersky also offers a variety of different packages to meet your needs. Whether you’re a small start up with less than 50 employees, a large enterprise with over 1000 employees, or anything else in between, you can rely on Kaspersky’s online security solutions to protect against hackers, viruses, malware and the like.

Not sure which package is right for you? Why not download a free trial to begin with – the Kaspersky Lab website has trial versions of all their main packages for you to test drive before you buy. The brand also offers a number of useful free tools including a password manager, various virus and security scanners, a software updater, a file cleaner, IOS adblocker, a rescue disk and a QR code scanner. These can all be obtained from the downloads section of the Kaspersky website.

Other resources available from Kaspersky include a number of reports, infographics and case studies to help inform business owners about Internet security. For example, you can download everything from a 10 page PDF guide to IT security, written specifically with small businesses in mind, right up to a white paper on the latest IT security technology for large enterprises.

The Kaspersky Lab website also offers support for all users, including a detailed and extensive knowledge base, an informative blog, an FAQ, and details of chat and telephone client support for any troubleshooting needs you might have. When you solicit the services of Kaspersky Lab for your Internet security, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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